What is a 3-2-1 Buydown

What is a 3-2-1 Buydown

What is a 3-2-1 Buydown, and Is It Right for You?


A 3-2-1 buydown is when the builder or seller of a home pays a percentage of the interest rate for the first three years that the homebuyer has the loan. This can make payments more affordable during that time. After the three years are up, the rate adjusts to what it would normally be based on market rates at that time. So, is a 3-2-1 buydown right for you? Let’s explore the pros and cons. 

The Pros of a 3-2-1 Buydown 

There are several potential benefits of having a 3-2-1 buydown on your home loan, including:

Lower monthly payments during the first three years: This can give you some breathing room as you adjust to owning a home.
A lower interest rate: A lower interest rate means you’ll pay less interest over the life of your loan and may be able to pay off your loan faster.
The ability to build equity quickly: With lower monthly payments, you may have more money available to put toward building equity in your home. 

    The Cons of a 3-2-1 Buydown      

While there are some potential benefits to having a 3-2-1 buydown, there are also some drawbacks worth considering, such as: Higher monthly payments after three years: Once the promotional period ends, your monthly payments could jump significantly, which may not be affordable.
You could end up paying more in interest over time: If market rates rise during the first three years, you could end up with a higher interest rate than if you hadn't had a buydown at all. 


Whether or not a 3-2-1 buydown is right for you depends on your individual circumstances and financial goals. Be sure to speak with a qualified mortgage lender to get more information and help determine if this type of financing makes sense for you.

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